Author: Thyme and Company

Strawberry Drink

A hot summer day in Southwest Florida calls for a refreshing drink poolside. This strawberry slushy is the perfect drink and even a perfect little thing to curb your appetite if you don’t want to eat anything but want something delicious and refreshing. The strawberry slushy is great for parties (add little vodka) or even an afternoon pick me up. When I was in high school and middle school, my mom would make drinks like these all the time for me after school. I’d come home from school hungry but wouldn’t want to eat anything because dinner would be in an hour or so, so my mom would whip me up one of these. She would use watermelon though. This drink is super versatile you can use any fruit like berries, melons, mangoes and then use a sparkling water to add some bubbles.

All you need for this super quick refreshing slushy drink is:

  • strawberries
  • ice (if using fresh strawberries)
  • seltzer water (I used polar seltzer – pomegranate flavor)

Blend the strawberries and ice together. Once blended pour in a glass but only fill the glass half way, then top off with seltzer water and enjoy!